COOKBOOK IV · Pianos & Motions
The Cookbook project of the composer and musician Andreas Koeper is designed as a long-term project and moves about between two components occupying mutually exclusive musical positions: standstill and movement. Cookbook IV joins the series of movements that is being formed exclusively by the piano (one to three). In the first »Cookbook« Koeper stated: nobody dancing (»Niemand tanzt«) -  an immobility request that came to be abolished completely in the second cookbook (The Journey). Triomusik (Cookbook III) opens up another channel leading towards the fourth stylistic feature: »movies«.
However, this is the time to talk about »pianos & motions«. And again, as is often the case with Koeper, the issue involved is sound. Apart from the piano notes, Koeper uses self-made nature recordings. Oscillating between immobility and movement, the composer translates the sound of reality into a highly musical environment. »Toh«, a shepherds’ call, goads on the cows while the chewing sounds and the hoof sounds of the animals mingle with each other. This is followed immediately by the brute intervention of the piano that picks up the animals' sounds and disassembles their basis into staccato-like, powerful tone-by-tone structures. It is in this interplay that the music starts to take effect, opening its own secrets ranging from the march and delicate images of sound all the way through to orchestral parody.
- Neue Zeitschrift für Musik -

Presenting Cookbook IV, Koeper opens up wide spaces for imagination where the pauses are as important as the notes that are actually played. (...)  Koeper takes the liberty of using his expressions inspired by jazz and classical music to create a framework for the unspoken.
- Jazzthing -

COOKBOOK III · Triomusik
The highly interesting Cookbook-Series is a project of the musician, composer, and writer Andreas Koeper (...) It includes trio improvisations (guitar, keyboards, drums) and sound sketches, gathered in three groups. Koeper mostly focuses on carving out small-scale musical ideas, on creating sound spaces and atmospheres (...) The strong points of this CD, which turns out to deliver fantastic and exciting (...) music for listening, are the way how it explores and fathoms the ideas, the compilation, and in the careful intellectual elaboration.
- Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten -

Cookbook II is not a combo and certainly not a cookery book but rather an intellectual creation by Andreas Koeper, the thinker-in-chief of the avant-garde formation Obst Obscure who, in making this CD, created an outlet to vent off his occasionally bizarre fantasies of sound. (...) Seven instrumental pieces balancing on the edge between sound and silence (...) The effect is hypnotic.
- Keyboards -

COOKBOOK I · Niemand tanzt
This is a true oasis in the middle of a big city (…) On their debut, which is almost exclusively instrumental, the musicians expend large electronic efforts to create powerful soundscapes without getting lost in esoteric profundities. The grand ancestors may well be »Kraftwerk« and »Can«.
- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung -

Cookbook Edition
Obst Obscure