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Pnins & Zoozoos
In a globalized world where people have unlimited access to almost any kind of information the question is becoming more and more urgent how we should handle all this knowledge. How can be sort and organize it? How can we manage, despite the flood of information, to find our inner center of gravity? One of the options would be to fully concentrate on oneself for once, at least for a certain time, and to experience how we actually work and what we can learn from thinking about thinking. The human individual in his or her capacity as a reflective creature. This is the topic dealt with in »Pnins and Zoozoos«.

The text version of the project is based equally on Heidegger’s Feldweggespräche (Conversations on a Country Path), published under the title »Gelassenheit« (Equanimity), and the complete edition of A.A. Milne's »Winnie-the-Pooh«.

Both writers, in surprisingly similar ways, speak about the riddle of human existence. Heidegger, deeply rooted in the tradition of German philosophy, strictly follows the logical path of his reasoning whereas Milne, with the gesture of an author of children’s books, addresses the subject in a playful narrative way.
Planfulness and spontaneity – these opposite poles of human activity also have their equivalents in the music. While the instrumentation and the style of playing have been influenced rather by the improvisational agility of jazz music, the compositional approach shows a clear tendency towards the rigor of classical modernism.
The result is a minimalistic attempt at the “synthesis of the arts”, performed as a musical play reading. »Pnins und Zoozoos« is a cross-genre play about the secret of equanimity, a listening image about the nature of thinking where sounds and words mutually complement and motivate each other.

© Anders | Böckler 
Music: Andreas Seemer-Koeper
Text version: Christina Böckler, based on »Winnie-the-Pooh« by A.A.Milne and »Gelassenheit« by M. Heidegger

Petra Anders: Zoozoo / Miss Rottenmeier
Christina Böckler: Pnin / Narrator

Ilona Haberkamp: Saxophone
Oliver Siegel: Piano
Falk Hübner: Doublebass
Andreas Seemer-Koeper: Drums
Ensemble Pninin

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