»Losch« is a musical stage and concert project for small instrumental ensemble and a speaker.

»Losch« is the impossible-to-find hero in a tragicomic story telling about the quest for shared memories against the backdrop of social change.

The instrumentation of the »Losch« score was motivated by the story itself. Six instruments played in a solo setting (transverse flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, tuba) and the indispensable drums make up the ensemble that lets the wind flow for »Losch«.

There are pictures about the »Losch« Project, taken by Güldenur Bozbalak und Markus Heiland ...
Music: Andreas Seemer-Koeper
Words: Andreas Seemer-Koeper

Performed by the »Ensemble Pninin«.

Flute: Eva-Maria Thonemann
Clarinet: Marius G. Wegner
Bassoon: Norbert Gögh
Trumpet: Winfried Waschk
Trombone: Gerd Schnackenberg
Tuba: Matthias Dornhege
Drums: Andreas Seemer-Koeper

Narrator: Thomas Anzenhofer
Conductor: Bernd Smalla
Ensemble Pninin

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