Andreas Seemer-Koeper, born in Marl/Westphalia, works as a composer, author and musician. »I remember that in the old days I used to peck at the keys of an old typewriter, lost in thoughts. W E R D E N, the German word for becoming, came about on its own. This combination of keys had a magic rhythm, a catchy and easily remembered acoustic structure that soon detached itself from the typewriter keyboard and kept working inside my head.«

Details on his discography, bibliography and scores under
ZERO ONE OCEAN. The third category NETCOOKING is his personal forum for web-based publications. ASK is a
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Latest news:
Andreas Seemer-Koeper awarded the 2nd prize at the
  8th International
Organ Composition Competition
  Saarlouis 2017.

Andreas Seemer-Koeper awarded the 2nd prize at the
  15th International
Carl von Ossietzky Composition

• »An evening with Fellini films and the music of Nino Rota«
  Live music with excerpts from the Fellini films CASANOVA
  and THE CLOWNS, played by the »Quartet Pninin«.
  The Dates:
  18.11.2017 RevierTon-Studios, Herne 20:00h
  04.09.2015 sweet Sixteen (im Depot), Dortmund 19:00h
  08.05.2015 CINEPLEX Hamm, im Rahmen der
                    Hammer Kulturnacht, 18:45h
  26.11.2014 CINEMA Filmtheater, Münster 22:45h

• »Ich Lieder« / »Von der Kunst des rechten Träumens«
  The Dates:
  19.11.2015 St. Joseph Kirche · Dellplatz, Duisburg 19:30h
  18.04.2015 TAM · Theater am Marienplatz, Krefeld
  17.04.2015 BLACK BOX im cuba, Münster 21:00h
  12.04.2015 Luther Kirche, Castrop-Rauxel 17:00h
  29.11.2014 RevierTon-Studios, Herne 20:00h
  03.07.2014 Flottmann Hallen, Herne 20:00h
  22.06.2014 Lokal Harmonie, Duisburg 19:00h
  10.03.2013 Museum Kunstpalast, im Rahmen der
                    Grossen Kunstausstellung NRW,
                    Düsseldorf 12:00h
  09.03.2013 Theater im Depot, Dortmund 20:00h
  12.11.2012 Kunsthaus Essen 21:00h
  04.10.2012 Lehmbruck-Museum Duisburg 19:30h
  29.06.2012 Lokal Harmonie Duisburg 20:00h

• »Psalter Motions«
  Music for Choir, Orchestra and Percussion.
  Philharmonischer Chor Siegen
  Chor des Städtischen Musikvereins Hamm
  Philharmonie Südwestfalen
  Dirigent: Lothar R. Mayer.
  The Dates:
  26.04.2015 Leonhard-Gläser-Saal, Siegen 18:00h
  25.04.2015 Kurhaus Bad Hamm, Hamm 19:30h UA

• »Phoenix Asche«
  A photo book about the former blast furnace
  Phoenix in Dortmund Hörde.

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