Since 1989 the name has stood for independence and experimental spirit in contemporary music. The following pages provide information about the sound recordings, musical scores and books by Andreas Seemer-Koeper that have been published so far, as well as information about chosen productions of his z.o.o. label.

More personal information is found under PERSONA. The third category, NETCOOKING is his individual forum for web-based publications. ASK is a member of:
SoundCloud  500px 

This page gives a list of all publications created so far and is continuously being updated. To activate available audio files please click on the related buttons. Those musical scores and books that are specially marked and appropriately linked can be read in their original layout. Upon clicking the link, a window will open where you can peruse them – even in full-screen mode. Missing placements (there are many of them as yet!) will be added step by step.

New entries:
• »Lieder mit Blick aus dem Fenster« for Voice and Organ;
• »Vier Aufrichtige Ich Lieder« for Voice and Five
   Instruments; score
• »Ich Lieder« for Voice and Small Ensemble; score
• »Phoenix Asche«, photo book